Friday, April 13, 2012

Food Lion this week

I am not a regular Food Lion shopper but it looks like maybe they are starting to get in on the game!  If only they would double coupons...(they actually are in some test markets...just not the NRV).

They also have the best prices on Seafood this week.  I have been finding some great meat and box drink closeouts as well.

You have until Tuesday to grab these deals:

Red Grapes $.95/lb
Avocados $.50 each
Strawberries $1.88
8lb bag Naval Oranges $3.88
Green Peppers $.50 each
1 lb bag carrots $.79

Bone-In Chicken Breast, Thighs, Drumsticks $.79/lb

What did I miss?


  1. The remodeled Food Lion Stores have a little coupon kiosk in the front of the stores (like at CVS). You can scan your card and coupons print (most of them expire that same day). But...last time I went I got a $1 off $10.00 produce. I was going there just for produce, so it made for a fun deal. My kiddos can eat their weight in grapes. :)

  2. I just discovered that coupon machine at ours in Radford. There are some good coupons in there! I got one for $4 off of $45 which is great.


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