Thursday, February 9, 2012

Save $ with free Printable Valentines

Check out these adorable free printable Star Wars cards! 

I got some crazy straws 90% off last year after Valentine's day, so I am making these with my 3rd grader to give out to his friends.

For my kindergartner, we are making these "Have A Ball" Valentines.  Bouncy balls are available at Target in the party aisle.

Do 6th graders do Valentines?  Mine hasn't decided yet.  I think these are pretty cute, if I can find a deal on the candy hearts.

I love all of the free printables available for Valentines Day.  I just print them up on cardstock and the boys help assemble them. 

How do you save $ on Valentines Day? 

  We also have a February birthday, so stay tuned for my report on money saving kid party ideas!

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  1. These are so cute! (Like you, I usually pick up holiday supplies when they go on clearance and save them for the next year.) We picked up Spider Man Valentine pencils last year when they were less than a penny a piece.

    Thanks for all of the fun ideas!


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